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Club Charter

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The Vision of the Southern Springs Veterans Club is to maintain, improve, preserve and defend the quality of life of all Veterans and their families as well as serve our local community as an expression of our continued service to our country.



The Southern Springs Veterans Club is a local, community-based, non-profit organization devoted to caring for and serving our community in the following primary ways:  provide fellowship among Veterans, their families, and those supporting Veterans; plan and support Veterans-related social gatherings; plan and conduct Fund Raising Activities within the Community; make Donations to support organizations within the local community, and honor the U.S. military services of our nation.



The Southern Springs Veterans Club of Spring Hill, TN, a volunteer service organization, was founded in 2018 to facilitate the service of our local community by resident Veterans and their families as well as encourage the long-standing common bonds of military service and camaraderie of the involved military veterans.



The company is a membership club and any person who has spent time in any branch of the United States Armed Service and was honorably discharged may become a member upon paying a small annual membership fee.  This club has been formed for the purpose of providing fellowship among veterans, those supporting veterans, and civic services to the community in which the members live.  The Club was established on July 1, 2018, and will continue as long as there are qualified persons who want to be members.



All assets of the Club, whether real or personal, shall be held in the name of the Club.  The funds of the Club shall be maintained in a bank account in the name of the Club and shall not be commingled in any fashion with the funds with any other person or group.  The use of assets is to be determined from time to time for civic and/or for charitable purposes.



The Club is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN is 85-4676199. 


The business of the Club shall be managed by members of the Club.  The members of management services on a voluntary basis and shall receive no compensation for managing the Club.


The members may appoint one or more officers of the Club with such powers and duties as shall be determined by the members.  A member may hold any or all such offices.  Officers shall not receive any compensation from the Club.


An officer may resign at any time by giving verbal notice to the members.  Typical succession is that each officer, except for the Treasurer, will move to the next higher position after two years in a position.



Financial books and records of the Club shall be kept in accordance with the accounting methods followed by the Club for federal income tax purposes.  A balance sheet and income statement of the Club shall be prepared following the close of each fiscal year, which ends on 12/31 of each year.


At all times during the term of existence of the Club, and beyond that, if the members deem it necessary, Club management shall retain the following:

   a. A current list of the name and current addresses of all members,

   b. Copies of the financial statements of the Club, and

   c. Copies of the Club’s federal and state income tax or information returns and reports



The Club shall be dissolved on the occurrence of the decision to do so by a proper voting majority of the Club.  After all, expenses have been paid, any remaining assets will be distributed to the members.


New Member Joining Details

Any Veteran already living in or moving into Southern Springs who wishes to join the Veterans Club is subject to the following requirements:

   1. Payment of Annual Dues of $24.00, and

   2. Verification of Honorable Service Discharge through DD214 or VA valid membership card.


Once a member, the Veteran Club Member is entitled to purchase and wear the Embroidered Southern Springs Veterans Club logoed polo shirt (optional for club functions), as well as logoed T-Shirts (white or navy) and windbreaker available through the Club.

Let’s Work Together

Gene Sawdon


Southern Springs Veterans Club


Tel: 423-883-9906

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